Year of the Dragon

In the Chinese zodiac, 2012 is the year of the dragon, and therefore my baby will be born in the year of the dragon, which is just cool.  Dragons are awesome, they’re bad ass and just plain cool.

I like reading things about astrological signs.  Sometimes they’re right on, and other times they don’t apply at all.  But I figured that we could delve into this a little bit.

For some background, I was born in the year of the rat (1984):

Being born a Rat is nothing to be ashamed of. In China, the Rat is respected and considered a courageous, enterprising person. It is deemed an honor to be born in the Year of the Rat and it is considered a privilege to be associated with a Rat. Rats know exactly where to find solutions and can take care of themselves and others without problems. They use their instinctive sense of observation to help others in times of need and are among the most fit of all the Animal signs to survive most any situation.

Besides just being a Rat, I’m also a wood Rat:

Despite having a remarkable facade of self-confidence, deep down, Wood Rats are the least sure of themselves compared to other Rats. However, they wouldn’t dream of showing this side of themselves to anyone. Only close companions of a Wood Rat would ever suspect that he or she had such self-doubt. In fact Wood Rats are often worried about downfall, despite their ability to find success. Well-liked, proficient, and good leaders at work, Wood Rats seem to function best when they are surrounded by family and friends. Cordial and delicate, they are usually well loved by family, friends and peers.

I’d say that this is a pretty good representation of me, that is if you have to sum me up in two paragraphs.  If you want to combine the Chinese Zodiac with the Western Zodiac, you get:

This Rat is delicate and incisive, and does well as a consultant or a counselor. Piscean Rats are creative, but tend to lack the confidence necessary and thus feel a need to be part of a team.

J was born the year of the Ox (1985):

Those born under the influence of the Ox are fortunate to be stable and persevering. The typical Ox is a tolerant person with strong character. Not many people could equal the resolution and fearlessness the Ox exhibits when deciding to accomplish a task or an objective. As we used this great creature long ago to plow the soil day after day, so do Ox people labor through their daily responsibilities either at work or at home without complaint or gripe. Oxen know they will succeed through hard work and sustained effort and find no truth or benefit in concocting get-rich-quick schemes.

Besides just being an Ox, J is also a wood Ox:

Understanding and fair, these are the least unyielding of the Oxen and the most apt to change and accept new ideas. A more liberal attitude gives them the ability to appreciate the value of being a part of a team, and other members of the team respect the high principles of the Wood Ox. They are particularly self-confident giving them an air of unspoken authority. This characteristic means that Wood Oxen are often chosen as leaders or spokespeople. They also have a shorter fuse than other Ox people, and are more likely to be outspoken or to stand up in a crowd to be heard. These Oxen are quite devoted to those they love and make strong and affectionate friends and relations.

East Meets West:

Capricorn Ox

Capricorn Oxen are made of true resolute.  As sustained effort allows them to achieve a very comfortable way of life.  They are conservative and responsible and will work long hours to provide their loved ones with security and comfort.

I’d say that this fits J to a T, and I’m pretty sure that he’d agree with me.

As to our baby, it’s hard to say what he’ll actually be like, but according to the Chinese zodiac……

Dragons are the free spirits of the Zodiac. Conformation is a Dragon’s curse. Rules and regulations are made for other people. Restrictions blow out the creative spark that is ready to flame into life. Dragons must be free and uninhibited. The Dragon is a beautiful creature, colorful and flamboyant. An extroverted bundle of energy, gifted and utterly irrepressible, everything Dragons do is on a grand scale – big ideas, ornate gestures, extreme ambitions. However, this behavior is natural and isn’t meant for show. Because they are confident, fearless in the face of challenge, they are almost inevitably successful. Dragons usually make it to the top. However, Dragon people be aware of their natures. Too much enthusiasm can leave them tired and unfulfilled. Even though they are willing to aid when necessary, their pride can often impede them from accepting the same kind of help from others. Dragons’ generous personalities give them the ability to attract friends, but they can be rather solitary people at heart. A Dragon’s self-sufficiency can mean that he or she has no need for close bonds with other people.

He will be a water Dragon:

Water has a calming effect on the Dragon’s fearless temperament. Water allows the Dragon to re-direct its enthusiasm, and makes him more perceptive of others. These Dragons are better equipped to take a step back to re-evaluate a situation because they understand the art of patience and do not desire the spotlight like other Dragons. Therefore, they make smart decisions and are able to see eye-to-eye with other people. However, their actions can go wrong if they do not research or if they do not finish one project before starting another.

East Meets West:

Cancer Dragons have polished tastes and are generally an artist of some sort. Their homes act as show- cases of these artistic talents. These are less self-indulged characters and are caring, tender, individuals. For them a tight-knit relationship and established home are necessary for happiness.

It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to any of this or not.  It’s still fun to look into and read about.  If you’re curious about you or your little one, here is the website where I got my information:


3 thoughts on “Year of the Dragon

  1. its definitely a good thing to have a baby in the year of the dragon! my best friend is half chinese and is also pregnant and was telling me how in the chinese culture people try to have their babies in this good luck year!! 🙂

  2. Hi! I visited your blog because of your comment on “Carrie’s” page and I love your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy! I was intrigued by this post because my husband and I are both also born in 1984 and I thought what you wrote was really interesting. I’ll be sticking around for a bit if you don’t mind……. 🙂

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