Sweet Potato

Dear Poppy Seed –

At 18 weeks you’re now the size of a sweet potato!  According to “What to Expect,” your practicing your moves in there.  I can’t be sure, but I think I might have felt you move this morning.  It felt exactly like it did a couple weeks ago when I first thought I felt you move, but quickly talked myself out of it, because it only happened once.  At the moment, it just feels like someone is poking me from the inside, although, this morning it did flutter a bit, making me really think that it was you!  It’s an awesome feeling, so keep it up!  I can’t wait for your dad to feel it too, so keep practicing those moves!!!  You’re also working on your swallowing, sucking and yawning skills as well, which will really come in handy for you.  At our ultrasound yesterday, it said that you’re measuring in at about 9 ounces, which means that you now weight over half a pound!  It looks like your taking my advice, and you’re growing like mad!

This week there haven’t been many changes going on with me.  I still get sick about once or twice a week.  Because I sit at work for most/all of the day my feet and ankles have started to swell.  I now am making it a point to get up and walk around during the day to try and help out with that, as well as drinking large amounts of water.  Yesterday, my BP came down a bit to 124/72, which made my midwife really happy, and she told me to keep up what I’m doing.  I also didn’t gain any weight the past week either – which she said was fine.  Last week I ordered a prenatal workout DVD that has cardio, strength training, pilates and yoga on it, with variations for each trimester, and I’m really enjoying it!  Usually, about once a day, I get a headache, but they’re pretty bearable, and tylenol seems to help keep them under control if they get bad.  Also, my hands fall asleep at odd times.  Sometimes it will be one, or the other of both, but it doesn’t really happen at work.  It happens most often at home, which I find really weird.

Yesterday, we had a detailed ultrasound done of you.  It was really cool to see you up on the big screen.  Your grandmother came with us, and she cried the whole time.  It was awesome to see you moving, wriggling and squirming in there.  You were a bit camera shy though, and had your arms up covering your face for a good while, you looked like you were practicing your boxer stance.  We saw you hiccuping, which was sooo cute!  It’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown.  When we got home yesterday, I sat down and looked at all the ultrasound photos that I have of you.  The one taken at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and now 18 weeks.  There’s such a huge difference!  You’re going to be such a cute baby, and my heart fills with love every time I look at these photos.  You’re my baby, and I love you so much!  As always, keep growing!

– Mom


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