Feeling Faint

We have a Monday morning meeting each week at my work place.  One that every employee (65ish total) comes to.  When I came in for the meeting this morning, I was standing with the group – a lucky few had seats at the conference table.  I still had my purse and coat with me because I got there just as the meeting was starting.  Usually this meeting goes by pretty quickly, around 15 mintues.  Not this morning.  It lasted what seemed like forever, in reality – only 40 minutes.  So, I’m standing in our conference room with 64 other employees, and as the minutes tick by, I’m feeling less and less good.  I start to get really warm – and at the same time I get cold chills.  I’m all of a sudden really thirsty for ice water, but of course I don’t have any with me, and I can’t leave to get some.  Breakfast is suddenly not sitting so well on my stomach.  I start yawning.  I start to see flying specks on light dance in my vision.  It’s at this point that I realize that it’s a good possibility that I’m about to faint.  I drop my purse to the floor – because it’s suddenly too heavy to hold.  I take my coat off because I feel like I’m sweating bullets.  This helps marginally, but doesn’t get rid of that horrible light headed feeling.  I’m debating walking over to the conference table and demanding that someone give me their seat.  But I worry that it might cause too much of a scene (in hindsight, I realize that that was silly – I’m pregnant and allowed to make all the scenes I want).  I try to keep it together, I keep wiggling my knees making sure that they’re not locked.  And just as I’m starting to get that horrible tunnel vision, the meeting is over, and I’m able to make my way to a now vacant chair – where I sit for the next 5 minutes trying to compose myself.

I didn’t faint.  But I came close.  Now I’m freezing from all the drying sweat on my body, and really tired.  Hopefully I’ll go back to feeling good soon.  Next week I’ll be sure to grab a chair at the table – or stand in the back so no one sees me when I plop my butt down on the floor to keep from fainting.


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