I mentioned in my last post that the doctor thought that my blood pressure was a little high.  For the record, it was 124/84.  One of the reasons for this, besides needing to start an exercise regime, is that I’ve become quite stressed at work.  My bosses keep giving me more and more to do, which is good, but they aren’t taking anything away from me and redistributing some of the smaller stuff elsewhere.

For my job, I am responsible for –

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Filing – customer and vendor files.  Customer files have to be taken apart and cleaned out before they can be filed (read – time consuming).
  • Collections
  • Insurance
  • Errands – to the post office or office depot
  • Filing sales tax for 26 states
  • Filing fuel tax
  • Invoicing of vendor files

(This is all I can think of at the moment, but I’m sure there are other things as well) And – just this week I was asked to take over all the paperwork aspects for our drivers and making sure our records with the DOT stay up to date, as well as filing all work related injuries with the government.

Please tell me that I’m not crazy and that this is a lot for ONE person to be responsible for.  I really didn’t start to feel stressed until I was handed all of the DOT and OSHA paperwork, and told that I’m now in charge of it. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know anything about it, or haven’t even been trained in how to do it – I just got handed the stuff, was given a pat on the head and a smile and was told “here ya go!”  I’m going to have to tell my bosses tomorrow that I just can’t take on anymore right now.  I have a feeling if my stress level keeps climbing that I’ll develop preeclampsia and be put on bed rest, and then that won’t be good for anyone.  I just feel bad that I have to tell them no.  I like that fact that they’re trusting me to do more, but I don’t want to live at the office (they do.  They’re there 7 days a week, 365 days a year and usually put in over 12 hour says).  I don’t want to give up every weekend that I have so that I can stay caught up at work.  That’s not fair to me, J or the soon to be baby.  So, the decision has been made to try and distress my life as much as possible to help with the signs of high blood pressure.


2 thoughts on “Stress

  1. That is definitely a lot for one person! They HAVE to understand – you just have to be honest with them and say that it’s too much work and you’d like to back off a few items until you have the other million things handled and under control. What makes matters worse is that they didn’t even train you on some of the things so there is stress involved in learning how to do it yourself! Just be upfront with them. Even if you weren’t pregnant I’d say you need to discuss this with them! 🙂

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