Dear Poppy Seed –

According to thebump.com you are now the size of an onion.  You would think that they’d pick a cuter root vegetable (if one exists) for the 17 week mark.  Maybe that’s why whattoexpect.com only says that you’re now the size of my palm.  You now weigh about 5 ounces and are starting to gain in body fat (welcome to the club).  Your heart beat is now regulated by your brain and is beating steadily at 140-150 bpm.  You are also starting to practice your reflexes like swallowing and sucking.  I know that you’re moving around a lot in there, but I don’t think that I’ve felt you move yet.  I’ve had two possible moments where I thought I felt you move, but I honestly can’t tell if it was you or if it was gas or something else.  So, for the meantime I’ll keep waiting to feel you move.

This week my feet have started to swell.  I notice it the most at work (probably because I sit for the greater part, if not all of the day).  My feet get bright red, and they look like they’re about to pour out of my shoes.  Usually when this happens I’ll take a walk around my work place to try to get that fluid to relocate somewhere else.  I’m also trying to drink a lot of water to help counter act the swelling as well.  I get headaches at least once a day now, and I usually wake up with one, which really does suck.  Again, I’m drinking a lot of water to help with the headaches, and usually a small amount of caffeine, like my morning tea, also really helps with it.  So far I’m trying to stay away from any kind of medical pain relief.  I know that I’m allowed to take tylenol, but for some reason I’m hesitant to take anything, and will forgo it if I can.  My bump is steadily growing.  I think your dad and I are going to start to take pictures each week to see the progression, I’ll see if I can post one tonight.  My stomach feels firm to the touch, and I now find myself rubbing my belly.  I think the belly rubbing thing is an unconscious act.  I hardly ever do it on purpose, but I’ll find myself rubbing my belly at odd times during the day.  Perhaps I want to feel closer to you, or I can’t believe that my stomach is protruding out as far as it is (and I know it will only get bigger).  Everything that I read also says that my appetite is going to increase as well.  I’m actually finding this to be the opposite.  I’m hardly hungry during the day.  It might be because I’m still suffering from nausea, and I still throw up about once a week now. My gag reflex also seems to be way more sensitive – brushing my teeth can cause me to gag, and then subsequently throw up…..I repeat that whoever said that morning sickness went away in the second trimester was a liar.

Your dad and I are starting to make plans around you.  Last week we signed papers for boo koos of life insurance, so that you’ll always be taken care of.  We hired a doula to help us with your birth.  I have to say that it brings me a sense of peace knowing that we’re trying to make your birth as memorable and positive as possible.  We’re signed up for birthing classes at the hospital where you’ll be born, but that doesn’t start until May, so we have a bit of time.  I meet the midwife who will deliver you today, and I’m really excited about that.  Your dad and I are going to Babies ‘R Us this weekend to start your registry.  We’ve picked out a crib, as well as a stroller and car seat, but beyond that, we really haven’t picked anything else out yet.  I think that we’re going to see if we can get away with not having ALL of the “required” baby items.  I really don’t think a wipe warmer is necessary or practical, and I’m pretty sure that you can do without that.  We’ve also decided on cloth diapers for you.  Not only will we save a bunch of money, but it’s better for the environment, and you!  You’ll be less likely to get diaper rash, and you’ll potty train faster, so win win win.  It seems like things are starting to come together in regards to getting ready for you.  It’s hard to believe that I’m just about halfway through the pregnancy.  Keep growing, and always remember that I love you!



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