J and I met with a prospective doula last night and we both really liked her, so much so that we’re about to hire her for our birth.  This woman was laid back and upbeat at the same time.  I think that she put J and I to ease the moment she started talking.  She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions.  She’s been a doula for the past 3 years and has been apart of 30+ births.  This is her only job too, so nothing else conflicts with it.  She generally only takes on one birth a month, so as to not overlap.  She’s also certified in water births, and has a birthing tub that we can rent from her for the birth.

When I told her that I was really interested in a water birth, but that my doctor would only let me labor in the tub, and not deliver it in, she was quick to inform me that I’m the client and I can get what I want.  But, if I wanted a practice that specializes in water births and will let me labor and deliver in the tub and let me do things on my schedule without any protest, that I’d need to switch practices.  She gave me the name of two practices in the area that are certified in water births.  Both of them are midwife centered (but they do have a doctor on call in case things get tricky).  Even though I like my current doctor and practice, I think that I’m going to switch to ensure that I have the birth experience that I want.  I want a drug free, intervention free and as calm as possible birth experience.  This is one of the things that women (and men) remember for the rest of their lives and I’d really like to make mine as memorable – and in a good way – as possible.

On a side note, the doula also told us that the warm water helps to soften the perineum, which means that the likelihood of tearing is reduced.  And as you all know, tearing is my greatest fear about the birthing process (besides pushing a football out of me and then being responsible for it).  So, that helped to put my mind at ease a bit.

I feel really excited about this whole process now, as well as upbeat and empowered.  Which is exactly how a woman should feel about it.  Yes, I’m scared, and yes there will probably be many times of panic in my near future, but even now, when this whole process has barely begun I feel beep down that I can do it, and do it well.


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