Doctor Appointment

Yesterday I had my monthly doctor appointment.  It went really well and I remembered to ask most of the questions that I wanted to ask.  But, of course on my way home I thought of the one question I’d been wanting to ask my doctor for weeks and forgot…..

I had my weight and blood pressure taken.  My doc, Dr. M, said that my weight was good and that he thinks my BP was taken incorrectly.  It was 144/80.  He said that with the low number at 80 that he doesn’t think the top number is correct, but that we’d keep an eye on it.  He felt around on my tummy and told me that everything was looking and feeling good and that my uterus was growing and moving like it should.  He got out the doppler and we finally, after 15 weeks, were able to hear the heart beat!  It was pounding away at a whopping 155 bpm.  It was pretty cool to hear it, I do have to say.

We got to ask  Dr. M if he would allow a doula in the room at the hospital, to which he answered yes.  He did want to clarify that the doula would be joining us at the hospital and warned us that recently a couple had had a home birth (but didn’t tell anyone this at their medical appointments) and only had the supervision of a doula present (doulas are not authorized or trained to deliver babies) – no midwife and/or no doctor was present, and that the situation turned out rather badly for all involved because the baby was breech – and not a birthable one.  This news doesn’t apply to us at all because I’ve done my research and I know that a doula isn’t allowed to deliver a baby.  They’re a coach, a support system, and house a wealth of knowledge that can make the birth easier and more enjoyable for all involved, but they do not have a medical degree.

I asked if a water birth was an option.  Dr. M said that the hospital allows for tubs to help with pain management, but not for actually delivering the baby.  So, I need to think about this one.  I was really hoping for a water birth.  The idea of being in a warm bath just seems soothing and calming, especially when you’re in an intense amount of pain.  And, I’ve heard that water births generally go by very quickly (because the mother is relaxed – or more so than those out of a tub) and I really like the idea of a quick labor.

I also asked about pushing positions, and if I would have to push the whole time with me on my back with my legs in the air.  I like the idea of sitting,  kneeling or squatting and letting gravity help.  To me that just seems like a no-brainer.  Dr. M said that until the final moment when the baby is about to pop out that I can be in any position that I want.  Although, when the baby is about to come out I will have to be on my back with my legs in the air so that he can help quickly if shoulders get stuck or something happens that requires quick action on his part.

The one thing that I forgot to talk about was how I’ve had a horrible time sleeping and that nothing seems to really help.  I did get a sound machine for christmas that plays various sounds (I like the white noise the best) and I’ve been using that at night, and it has seemed to help.  Instead of waking up 6+ times a night, I’m now waking up usually 3 to 4, but in the scheme of things that’s still a lot and generally means that I get sleep in 2 to 3 hour stretches and from about 4:00 on, I’m awake every 45 minutes or so, and it sucks.  So, I NEED to remember to ask it next time I’m there, which is in about two weeks when I go in for blood work.  I just hate waking up more tired than when I went to bed…..

So in the grand scheme of things it was a good appointment.  I remembered to ask most of what I needed to and got a thumbs up from the doctor that everything was looking good.  We have our anatomy scan in about a month and I’m really looking forward to seeing Poppy Seed on the big screen again!


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