Dear Poppy Seed –

At 15 weeks your now the size of a large navel orange!  Your eyes are moving to the center of your face, and your ears are moving to the sides of your face.  Which all means that you’re starting to look more and more human as the days go by, I can only imagine how cute you’re going to be when you finally arrive.  The websites and books all say that you’re wriggling away in there, but because you only weigh-in at a bit over two ounces, I can’t feel it yet.  It’s coming though, and soon, and I’m soo looking forward to feeling you move!

Right now I think that I’m getting over some kind of stomach bug.  I spent all of yesterday and part of Sunday feeling crappy.  Yesterday also had me running to the bathroom to vomit several times and that hasn’t happened in a while.  So, if it’s not a stomach bug, then it’s the return of morning sickness and I really don’t even want to contemplate that.  My belly is rounding and feels different.  It feels like there’s a large bouncy ball under my skin.  You can definitely feel where it starts and stops, and if you press too hard it does get uncomfortable.  Any time your dad and I are sitting together he likes to place his hand on my belly.  When he first started to do this, I will admit that it just made me feel fat.  But now I’m starting to like it more and more, knowing that your dad loves you so much and wants to be as close to you as possible.  It makes me smile just to think about it.

Your dad and I have a rule.  If we’re ever sitting down and relaxing, and one of us wants the other to get up and do something, we generally have to do it, so as to be nice to the other one.  For instance if your dad fixes a bowl of popcorn and we eat it all and want another one, it would be my turn to get up and make more popcorn.  There are a few exceptions to this rule though.  1.  Rule of kitty.  I stole this from my sister for its pure brilliance.  You do not have to get up to do any task if you have a cat sitting in your lap.  It would be mean to get the cat to move when it graced you with its presence in the first place.  2.  Rule of puppy.  Along the same lines as rule of kitty, but it applies to the dog.  These are generally good things for me, because all of the animals cuddle with me way more than they do your dad.  And last, but certainly not least – and the newest rule: 3.  Rule of Baby!  It takes way more energy for me to get off of our sofa now than it used to.  Even more if I’m sitting on the chaise part of the sofa, and I’m sure that when I’m enormous that it will be impossible for me get off of the chaise by myself.  So, now the rule of baby is in effect.  Which pretty much means that I don’t have to get up to do something unless I want to.  Works out pretty well I do have to say.  Your dad does remind me that my use of “rule of baby” will eventually be able to include him, which is fine.  I’m sure I can come up with another reason so as to not get up =).  So, Poppy Seed, thank you for allowing me to be lazy for the moment.  It is greatly appreciated!  As always, keep growing and remember that your dad and I love you!



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