Dear Poppy Seed –

I’m sorry that this post is a week late.  Your dad and I were on our babymoon when we hit the 14 week mark and then I got sick and felt too horrible to blog.  The good news though?


Last week you were the size of a lemon – about the size of a clenched fist.  It’s hard to believe how much you’ve grown and the new and interesting developments that happen from week to week.  Your limbs are now moving a lot more fluidly and aren’t jerking around anymore, and you can actually suck your thumb now which is super cute.  The roof of your mouth is forming, which is cool, as it will definitely come in handy.  You also have downy hair covering your entire body at the moment that helps to keep you warm.  I’m told that this will all fall out as you start to accumulate body fat, but don’t worry, if it doesn’t, you’ll just look more and more like your father (love ya J).

I haven’t thrown up in a while (knock on wood) but whoever said that the nausea gets way better in the second trimester lied to me!  I still get nauseous all the time, sometimes to the point where I have to go lay down to ensure that I don’t throw up.  The final night of our babymoon we had reservations at the oldest grill/restaurant in DC, which we had to cancel because of my nausea level.  This would have reduced me to tears, except that J was awesome and took charge and went out and got dinner and brought it back to the room.  He found a german place that did take out and brought back a sausage sampler as well as wiener schnitzel and german potato salad.

Your dad and I had a wonderful time on our babymoon.  We toured around DC, walking everywhere and seeing as much as we possibly could.  You were always in our thoughts and our conversations often drifted to you.  Talking about whether your a boy or a girl (I think you’re a boy).  As well as what we’ll name you.  We have a couple of names that we like for each gender.  We can’t wait to see what new developments that you’ll bring us.  Keep growing and always remember that we love you so much!



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