Painting Spree

So, J actually talked me into painting our living room.  I’m still kinda fuzzy on the details on how he actually accomplished that, but he did.  Christmas day, after opening presents and eating breakfast, we spent the rest of the day cleaning the walls, pulling out the many many many nails and screws that the previous owner left, puddying the holes from all the nails and screws and finally taping the room – although we ran out of tape about halfway through.

On Monday, I went out and got paint while J got more painting supplies and we met back at the house and starting cutting in.  I do have to say that as soon as the paint went on the walls, I was nervous.  Our living room is made up on paneling and brick, and the paneling was somehow a way different color than the brick was.  When the paint went up, the brick looked flesh colored instead of the khaki /tan color that I was going for.  I proceeded to have a panic attack for the rest of the painting process.  Or at least until the second coat went on, and everything started to look a million times betters.

Here’s the room before:

And after:

The black lump on the window seat is Bentley, and the black lump on the love seat is Healey.

And this lovely young lady (Beemer) is the reason that I couldn’t get up to take better pictures.  She was looking up at me and purring, which made it impossible to push her off of my lap to take better pictures.


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