Kitchen Fail

J and I really like to cook, at least I did back when I had energy and liked to be around aromatic food.  But besides the pregnancy food related setbacks that we’ve experienced, now our kitchen is not at all functional.  About a month ago, our microwave crapped out.  J went to make popcorn one evening and put the bag in, turned the microwave on, and nothing happened!  It completely shut down and no longer works.  On Saturday our stove broke (for the second time).  Back in July we came back from a wedding to a loud perpetual beeping.  It was our stove and NOTHING besides cutting the breaker to the stove would make it stop beeping.  So, we hired a repair man.   He came out and told us that he needed to order a part and he’d be back in a week to fix it.  It was eventually fixed, and worked for the next 6 months, but now it’s doing the exact same thing!

The power has been cut off to our stove for 3 days now.  We have no microwave, and have no way to cook in our house at the moment, and probably not for the next week while we wait for a stupid part to be ordered and arrive.  J and I are now saving up to buy a new stove for when this one stops working again……yay for being home owners…..



2 thoughts on “Kitchen Fail

  1. when we bought our house, we were told the appliances were “new”… obviously they were refurbished or something but we figured they weren’t that old, they were 2005 models so we really thought nothing of it. a few months later the microwave went… yay to being homeowners is right!

    • Yeah, our stove is a 2003. Since it’s the same year that I graduated from High School, it really didn’t even register that it was old. At least our fridge is new – cause we had to buy that when we moved into the house.

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