I Should Know Better

This morning was really good for me.  I woke up without feeling sick, ate breakfast without feeling sick, and wonder of wonders breakfast sat great on my tummy!  I made it to work earlier than I had in two weeks because I didn’t have to lay in bed waiting for the “sick” feeling to pass before I could get ready.  I started to get really hungry around 10:30, but again, just hunger, and no nausea.  I haven’t felt that feeling in….I can’t remember how long.  Because I’m a ding bat and left my snacks and lunch at home, I had to run out and grab lunch.  So I drove to panera.  I just missed their breakfast service, which is what I wanted, so I ordered a sandwich and a fruit cup.

About an hour after I finished eating it, I started to not feel so great, I didn’t think anything of it, I’m pretty used to that feeling.  After three hours of trying to fight the nausea, I lost the battle.  I had to run down the stairs at work, and I started gagging when I reached the bottom of them.  When I got to the women’s bathroom I broke out in a sweat because horrors of horrors…it was in use.  I had to vomit in the men’s bathroom, can we say icky?  It was either that, or throw up all over the floor, or in a really nice guys trash can – and I just can’t bring myself to vomit in front of the whole sales department just yet.  I’m sure one day when both bathrooms are in use that I’ll have to get over that.

I should have known better to make that statement to the universe that my morning sickness was starting to level off.


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