Dear Poppy Seed –

This past week you’ve grown to the size of an olive!  At nine weeks along you’re starting to look more and more like an actual person and you’ve graduated from an embryo to a fetus.  Your heart and all its chambers are fully formed, you’re starting to develop teeth, and your tail (though it was cute) is now completely gone.  All of your facial features are there and getting more defined as the days and weeks go by.  You’re also developing muscles, and though they’re tiny at the moment they’ll help you do all the moving and kicking that I’m so looking forward to feeling!

My morning sickness has started to level off, for the most part (knock on wood).  I still have bad days – like this entire past weekend for example.  But I also usually have a string of good days that fall in between the bad ones, so at least there’s that.  My boobs are still super sore.  It hurts to hug people!  I need to invest in a sleep bra.  My boobs are getting too big and heavy to be able to go without one, and sleeping in a regular bra just isn’t comfortable.  Speaking of sleeping…yeah, I really don’t, at least not well.  I wake up at least 5 to 6 times a night and it makes it difficult for me to get any kind of rest.  The RN that I spoke with on Friday told me that I can take Tylenol PM, so I think that I might start doing that and see if I feel more rested in the morning.

The weeks seem to be flying by and pretty soon you and I will be out of the first trimester!  Your dad and I are making all kinds of plans.  Plans for your nursery – your dad wants to follow Jewish tradition and set up the nursery after you’re born.  I think that will frazzle my nerves too much, but I’m still considering it.  Plans for life insurance and a will – so that if anything ever happened you would always be taken care of.  Plans for your birth – we’re taking a tour of a birthing center next week!  We’re planning a last hurrah after Hanukkah this year.  A trip to DC with just me and your dad to celebrate us and our marriage before you get here.  Plans for daycare.  As much as it breaks my heart that I can’t be a stay at home mom for you, I’m going to find you the best possible care so that I don’t have to feel as guilty about not being able to stay home with you.  While your dad and I are busy planning, keep growing and remember that we already love you so much!

– Mom


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