I think my body is starting to gear up for nesting.  I look at my house and all I see is dirt and dust and grime.  And the weird thing is that I WANT to clean it.  However, I’m too exhausted, too sick and too emotionally unstable at this point and time to tackle any of it.  But I see it and it bothers me, and I am sooo not used to that.  I am NOT a neat freak.  In fact, I can go several weeks without doing the dishes or the laundry and be perfectly content with myself.  My husband on the other hand would have / has had a complete meltdown when that happens.  He’s already mentioned that he’s really looking forward to when my nesting kicks in, and I can only imagine the bliss that he will be in when our house is immaculate.


2 thoughts on “PreNesting

  1. Haha, yea, that never happened on the overwhelming “have to clean everything right now” scale for me. It was more just on the “don’t wanna bring my baby home to this filth” scale. And by that time I was too big and slow to help that much.

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