The Hiatus is Over

Saturday, Sunday and Monday all went by without me throwing up once!  I was able to keep everything down that I ate, and only had a few instances of major nausea.  Today however, the hiatus ended.  I woke up this morning and knew as soon as I got out of bed that I was going to get sick.  I went to the kitchen to make my breakfast and before I even got a chance to pour the cereal I had to drop the box and run for the bathroom.  I keep feeling like I’m going to have to throw up again, but so far the pretzels that I ate are staying down.  I know that I’m also going to have to eat lunch or I will be sick, but absolutely nothing sounds good, not a thing.  That’s not entirely true.  A red Gatorade sounds good.  I’m probably going to run out and grab one soon.  This is by far the worst nausea I’ve ever felt in my life, the only thing that rivals it is when I had the flu my freshman year of college- those memories still make me shudder.


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