Dear Poppy Seed –

You’re now 8 weeks along and growing like mad and about the size of a large raspberry or kidney bean.  You’re over half an inch in length now and weighing in at .04 oz.  The cool news?  Your fingers and toes are forming!  They’re webbed at the moment, but they’re growing more and more defined everyday.  Your tail is just about gone and you’re starting to look more and more like a little person instead of a tadpole or alien.  Your lips, nose, eyelids and back are forming this week as well, and those will help turn you into the cutest little baby ever, although, you are going to be the cutest baby ever because you’ll be mine.

I still have morning sickness, but it’s been 2 days since I’ve thrown up.  So, I’ll take anything that I can get.  I’m still pretty queasy most of the time, but food is finely starting to stay down!!  So hurrah!  My boobs are sore, and woe of woes, they’re starting to get bigger……sigh.  I also tire really easily.  My day on Sunday consisted of being awake for short periods of time between long naps, and somehow I still managed to sleep through the night.  Maybe this is TMI, but if I can’t share it here, where can I?  I’m so constipated!  It’s seriously been days!  I’m going to have to buy some prunes or prune juice on my way home.

Keep growing and developing and I’ll do my best to give you everything you’re needing right now.

– Love Mom


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