I know that I’ve written about this a lot lately, but this is what’s relevant to me at the moment, so deal with it.  Yesterday, I had a pretty good day.  I only threw up once, and I’m happy to report that not that much actually came up.  I had this ebullient feeling all evening that I was getting this under control, learning to read by bodies signals and make adjustments as need be.  Then today happened.

I woke up really hungry – which is bad.  All the books say, and I have to confirm that the nausea gets mega worse if your tummy is ever empty – always have something in it.  So, feeling the hunger pains I got up, dashed to the kitchen and I made myself my morning bowl of cereal with a banana.  I ate it all, and then went about getting ready for work.  I started to get that queasy feeling when I was blow drying my hair, but I brushed that aside and went on getting ready.

The last thing I do before I head out the door is to grab my lunch and snacks for the day, so I was in the kitchen putting grapes in a baggy when that “Oh No” feeling came over me.  Usually this is the time where I wrap up what I’m doing or at least get to a stopping point, and make my way to the bathroom because I know that I’m going to up chuck.  I kinda pride myself on the fact that I rarely, if ever, miss or don’t make it – this all probably come from the fact that I don’t want to clean it up.  Today, for some reason, I thought that I could keep everything is my stomach by sheer force of will.  I was wrong.  I was lucky that I made it to the sink when my stomach decided to empty itself.  Then I got to see and smell everything that was in the sink, and I kept on hurling – vicious cycle that.

The rest of today, I’ve had that horrible queasy feeling in my tummy, and nothing will get rid of it.  I keep eating, which seems to help, but it has to be a constant thing or the feeling returns, and frankly I’m running out of food that I have on hand.  I really don’t want to leave to get more – as then I’m out of a bathroom range, and pulling over to vomit is just not safe or fun.


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