So, I ordered lunch from a deli that’s just a hop sick and a jump from my work place.  They make the best sandwiches!  I really wanted their continental – it’s ham and brie on a baguette with spicy mustard…..soooo good!  Anyway, apparently women who are with child can no longer eat unpasteurized cheese….sigh.  So I called the deli – and this is the converstaion that took place:

Me:  I have a question about the continental sandwich.  Is the brie on it pasteurized?

Guy:  No.  i’m sure that you can find pasteurized brie if you look hard enough, but ours is not.

Me: ok

Guy:  Are you pregnant?

Me: (stunned)…..yeah.  Can I get the chicken sandwich then?

Guy: No problem.

Apparently this is a common question among pregnant women at the deli.


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