Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

It seems to be that the world of pregnancy has been restricted to rainbows and butterflies.  Hardly anyone actually talks about what they really went through while pregnant and subsequently what they went through while giving birth.  Maybe they’re afraid that if they voiced what actually happened /is happening to them that all women everywhere would revolt and babies would stop being born.  Case in point,  I’ve learned that I cannot ask my mother any question about birth or being pregnant because she won’t give me an honest answer.  I remember a couple months ago I asked her how much it hurt to have a baby.  Her response:  she blushed, smiled softly and said “it doesn’t hurt.”  I call BULLSHIT!  I want real answers!  I want the honest truth.  If a women is brave enough to ask the question, she should get an honest answer – horror stories and all.  On the other hand if she doesn’t ask the question – please do not tell her that your second cousin twice removed had a 4th degree tear and has yet to walk properly.  This is specifically on a case by case basis.  Some women don’t want to know, others want every gorey detail.  If you are the latter, keep reading.


In my 7 short weeks of pregnancy, this is what I’ve experienced.

1.  You get so bloated and gassy that you feel gross….all the time.

2.  Acne does not get better when pregnant, in fact, it seems to gets worse.

3.  Your hair looks oily 3 seconds after you get out of the shower.

4.  You get so thirsty that you can EASILY drink 128 oz of water or more in a day (this is the case only before morning sickness kicks in).

5.  Your kidneys become more efficient in the first trimester, so they sift through more fluid.

6.  Because you’re drinking more and your kidneys are working better, you literally have to pee at least 20 times a day, 18 of those will be at work.

7.  Your bowels slow down because your body is being more efficient about collecting nutrients – hence the previously mentioned gas.

8.  Because your bowels slow down, constipation tries really hard to be your friend (but the added water consumption does seem to help out with this).

9.  You can smell everything, whether you want to or not.  People’s perfumes and soaps never used to bother me before, but now they smell disgusting.  Don’t even get me started on having to feed my dog and cats, that makes me want to hurl.  Popcorn – disgusting, as is any food that your husband/partner brings home that you did not specifically ask them to get.

10.  Along with the super charged nose, also come nasal congestion and sneezing – and some how this still doesn’t help with smelling everything.

11.  You get really irritated that the same people or person asks you every day “how are you feeling?”  Because you know that they’re only interested in if you’re as miserable as they were while pregnant.  The only acceptable answer to this question under these circumstances is “fine.”

12.  Every morning you wake up and feel like you have a horrible hangover.  You’re nauseous, queasy, feeling dehydrated and exhausted.  All you want to do is crawl under the covers, go back to sleep, and hope that feeling goes away when you wake up again, and you’re lucky if you can actually do that.

13.  You become intimately acquainted with your toilet, and exactly how long it’s been since you’ve cleaned it.

14.  No matter what you try to keep morning sickness at bay, you will throw up.  What worked for you yesterday, will probably not work for you today.

15.  Foods that use to keep you from hurling in the past – like saltines, now have you gagging at the thought of them.  Learn to adapt.


I don’t mean for it to sound like I’m not happy to be pregnant.  I am.  I’m thrilled and excited and a lot scared.  The thing is that you go into pregnancy thinking that it can’t be so bad/hard.  And then, if the first few weeks you get a humongous slap in the face and realize that you know nothing about being pregnant.  All the reading, studying and day dreaming will not prepare you for this.  This is why I think it’s important that women should actually talk about what they felt / are feeling and what they are going / went through so that others can be as prepared as possible.

-what things did you learn in your pregnancy that you wish people had prepared you with?


2 thoughts on “Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

  1. My recovery was a lot harder and took a lot longer than I thought. It took even longer for my digestive track (the exit) to regulate as well. Going to the bathroom hurt a lot and also only happened like once every week and a half, making it even worse. I also didn’t even want to leave the house for like 5 weeks. I didn’t want anyone to touch baby girl and get her sick, or make her upset (and leave hubs and me to deal with it!). I was very protective and paranoid.

    Some women bounce right back. My colleague was up and mowing the lawn on a rider mower like 4 days after her 3rd child! And didn’t even look like she had been pregnant. Ugh. The nerve! =)

    Also, breastfeeding is really hard on the Mom at first, and the boobs. Don’t let anyone fool you. It can be painful! But go to the specialist for help sooner than I did! I tried to tough it out through the pain and tears for 3 1/2 weeks!! Could barely even stand in the shower. Ouch!!

    BUT, it IS all worth it!!!!!! I’d do it all over again (and hope I’ll be able to!).

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