Dear Poppy Seed –

You are now the size of a blueberry at 7 weeks along!  Your brain is growing and dividing into hemispheres, so that you can be as smart as your father and as creative as your mother.  Your arms and legs, mouth and tongue are also starting to form this week!!  As well as your final set of kidneys (this will be your third and final pair).  You’re measuring at about a half an inch long, which means that you’ve doubled in size since last week, so as always – Keep Growing!!

My morning sickness is in full swing.  I throw up just about everything that I eat, so I try to eat things in terms of what it will taste like when (not if) it comes back up.  Frosted Mini Wheats are really gross the second time around, Gatorade though, not too bad.  My boobs are sore and tender, but I can’t honestly tell if they’re getting any bigger, they’re pretty big to begin with.  I can still smell everything, and those smells are sending my stomach churning now more than ever – popcorn smells awful.  I’m tired, more so from the effort of throwing up than anything else I believe.  It’s surprising how much it takes out of you.  When you’re sick and throwing up, I always assumed it was being sick that made you tired and not the hurling, but I now know it’s 60% throwing up and 40% being sick that drains you.  I also burp a lot.  I think that’s from the queasy stomach and the things in it wanting to  come back up again.  I do have to say that I’m looking forward to the second trimester when my tummy will even out again.

Keep growing, and try to not send me running for the bathroom so often if you could.

– Love Mom


4 thoughts on “Blueberry

    • I still say Mini Wheats. They become a paste and plop in the bowl as you vomit, and then the water splashes up and hits you in the face, causing you to vomit again – because that’s just gross. Plus you get all the little pieces of shredded wheat all over your mouth. Ugh, I’m getting nauseous just thinking about it.

    • Don’t feel guilty about that at all! Although, it might come back to haunt you if you ever decide to go for round 2. But who know, you might not get sick for that one either.

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