Good News Mixed with Vomit

I’m at home from work today trying to figure out how to deal with morning sickness.  I woke up at 6, and felt awful.    So, I laid in bed breathing deeply and wishing for that sick feeling to go away.  It didn’t.  At around 6:45 I ran to throw up.  After that I went back to bed, when I woke up later I felt better and decided to make myself a fruit smoothie…..that came back up about an hour later.  Now I’m steadily eating saltines hoping that it will help, but I feel a bathroom run in my near future.  It is so difficult to force yourself to eat – even crackers, when you feel this nauseous.

Enough about vomit.  How about some good news?

Yesterday was my second ultrasound.  J came with me.  He was so cute, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen him that uncomfortable / nervous at one time.  I saw a slow smile creep across his face when we could see Poppy Seed on the screen.  The baby is in the uterus and doing fine.  We saw the heart beat and were told that I was 6 weeks and 2 days along – now three days.  I was referred to an OB, and told that the OB will call me in about two weeks to make an appointment.

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