Driving the Porcelain Bus

I had my first bout of morning sickness on Sunday.  J and I usually go out to breakfast on Sunday mornings (I am a big fan of pancakes), and on this Sunday morning I work up starving and excited to scarf down delicious buttery, dripping with syrup pancakes.  J, on the other hand woke up not feeling so great, and asked for some time before we headed out to breakfast.  3.5 Hours later, I was ravenous, and starting to get a little nauseous.  At this point I started to be more pushy that I really needed to get food in me (and nothing was going to deter me from those pancakes).  About 30 minutes later, he finally conceded that we could go to breakfast, however, at this point I’m no longer feeling so great.  While he’s getting ready, I’m still laying in bed taking deep breathes and repeating the mantra “I will not throw up” over and over in my head.  It worked for a bit.  I got dressed, and started to put my shoes on when I got that “oh no, I’m going to vomit” feeling.  I dropped my shoes and ran straight for the bathroom.  It felt like I was throwing my guts up, by nothing came out (probably because nothing was in my stomach because once again, I was ravenous).  After I took a few minutes to compose myself, we went out to breakfast and I was able to eat my delicious pancakes!  I do have to say that they were well worth the wait, and the dry heaving.

So, the moral to this story – don’t get too hungry, or you’ll throw up, or at least try to.


3 thoughts on “Driving the Porcelain Bus

  1. Amanda… please keep some crackers or other snacks in the house for these moments. You really shouldn’t go 3.5 hours without eating something when your body is strongly urging you to do otherwise.

    Ok, end of bossy rant.

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