Apple Seed

Dear Poppy Seed –

At 5 weeks along, you are the size of an apple seed (or sesame seed or orange seed depending on which website you go with).  Your heart, stomach, liver and kidneys are all starting to form this week, as well as your digestive, circulatory and nervous systems.  You’re measurable at .13 inches, and will have doubled your size by next week, so keep growing!  So far I feel very bloated, as well as really tired.  Every now and then I get a bout of nausea from a smell or directly after I’ve had something to eat, or if I let myself get too hungry, but I’ve yet to see any of my food twice.  I’m also really clumsy.  Your dad laughed at me the other day while I just about fell over putting my shoes on (and they were slip ons).  I’m really thirsty all the time, I generally drink 96 oz of water just while I’m at work, and I keep drinking when I go home!  I can’t believe that you’re growing inside me, and that I only have 8 more months to go until I meet you!  You’re dad and I have been a little worried and concerned lately that you’re growing in the wrong place, but hopefully we’ll find out tomorrow that you’re where your supposed to be, at the latest we’ll find out on Wednesday.  I have a feeling though that everything is going to be all right!  Keep growing!

– Love Mom


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