Blood Work

I went in for my appointment this morning.  They drew some blood.  As always, I gave them some trouble finding a vein.  My veins can feel a needle approaching and like to roll, sink and hide from them.  I can’t really blame them, I don’t like to be stuck with a needle either, but I do have to say that it does hurt when they have to poke around with the needle looking for the vein.  Anyway, I’m to go back on Thursday for more blood work  and again next Wednesday (the date of my ultrasound).  They’re looking to see if my hormone levels are rising like they should.  If they’re not, it’s a pretty big sign that I have an ectopic pregnancy or that something else is wrong.  They told me that I can call tomorrow for my results, or that I can wait till I’m in the office on Thursday to find out.  I will more than likely call tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully that will give me some peace of mind.


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