Random Pregnancy Stuff

So far, the food cravings / aversions have barely hit me.  I haven’t really been craving anything, but I have found out that I no longer like ginger ale.  We don’t usually keep sodas in the house, and if we do, they’re diet sodas that J drinks and I refuse to drink those (I don’t drink diet anything.  I can taste the fake sugar, and besides the fact that it tastes funny, it leaves a nasty aftertaste in my mouth that I cannot stand).  Anyway, J had ginger ale in the house from when he had a cold not too long ago.  I remember taking a sip from the can the other day, and it just tasted…..bad, and I used to love ginger ale!  It tasted like ginger ale, but stale – while still being carbonated, if that makes any sense at all.  It didn’t send me running for the bathroom, but I definitely do not want to drink ginger ale again for quite some time.

I did have some mild nausea on Sunday.  Again, it didn’t send me running to the bathroom, but it almost did.  J and I went out for breakfast and while we were driving home, I got really nauseous.  I had the extra build up of saliva in the mouth as well as the chills and that sudden overwhelming feeling of “oh no.”  Trying to relax and breathing deeply seemed to help, and as soon as I got home I crawled into bed and fell my ass asleep – which also seemed to help.

I’m still cramping.  It ranges from dull and achy to sharp.  It is still mainly focused on my left side and it comes and goes throughout the day.  I did see one tiny spot of blood on the toilet paper yesterday, but after going to the bathroom throughout the rest of the evening (several times) I didn’t see anything else, and I’m really hoping that it says that way.

On a light note, I believe that my dog knows that I’m pregnant.  I was alone with her for half the day on Saturday.  She refused to leave my side.  She slept on the floor by my side of the bed, instead of on her bed, which is on the floor at the foot of our bed.  She refused to go outside for even a moment and kept trying to herd me back into bed.  She sat next to me, practically on top of me any time that I was sitting.  When I started to get ready for the day and took a shower, she sat right outside the bathroom door playing guard dog and periodically would walk into the bathroom to check to see if I was still in the shower and was ok.  Our cats really haven’t acted any different.  The cuddly one is still cuddly and the aloof ones are still aloof.  But Ali, the dog, is definitely making it her job to keep any eye on me at all times.

Ali passed out on our window seat


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