1st Doctor Appointment

I called my GYN on Monday to tell them that I had a positive pregnancy test, and they scheduled me to come in today.  I was there for about half an hour total.  But during that time they gave me a pregnancy test, sat me down to chat, and ushered me to the back for an ultrasound.  I wish I knew that I was having an ultrasound, then I would have insisted that J come with me.  Anyway, here is a more detailed version of what happened:

As soon as I got there I was taken to the back, and told to pee in a cup – which I did, and I managed to not get pee all over my hands (a fact that I’m very proud of).  They did a urine pregnancy test and never did tell me the result – probably because it confirmed what I’d already told them.  They also got my blood pressure, which was 124/78, which they told me was normal.

I was then taken to my GYN’s office and we chatted about the fact that I’ve been cramping.  She told me that it can be normal, but that it can also mean an ectopic pregnancy (which I already knew).  She told me to watch out for bright red spotting or any bleeding.  Brownish-pink spotting was normal and nothing to be concerned about, but to come in or go the ER if I saw anything red.  She then ushered me to the ultrasound room, they wanted to rule out an ectopic as soon as possible.

I was given a vaginal ultrasound, the sonographer talked the whole time it seemed about everything, except what she was seeing on the screen.  She then printed a whole bunch of pictures out, and once I was dressed I was taken back to my GYN’s office.  She looked at the pictures and told me that they didn’t see anything in the uterus, to which she quickly followed that that didn’t mean there wasn’t something there, it was probably just way too soon to see anything.  So, they want me to come back in two weeks for another ultrasound to confirm that it’s in the uterus before they send me to an OB.

Before today, I think I had talked myself down from thinking about an ectopic, but now I’m scared.  I think it’s from the fact that my GYN doesn’t want to release me to see an OB yet that gives me cause for concern.  To those of you who have been pregnant and have/had a seperate GYN and OB doctor, what was the procedure for you?  Did you go to your GYN first for them to confirm it?  Or did you skip the GYN and go straight to the OB?  I guess I’m trying to figure out if this procedure is normal and anything that I should be concerned about.


One thought on “1st Doctor Appointment

  1. I didn’t find out until we were farther along so Addison was already looking like a baby. Some people find out a little earlier and the baby still looks like a peanut. But I bet with people who find out really early that this is normal!

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