Yesterday, at around 5 pm, I decided to take a pregnancy test.  I took it, left it on the counter to cure, and went about whatever it was that I was doing.  When I came back to look at the results, I saw that it was negative.  I put the test down and went about my day.  The next time I was in the bathroom I looked at the strip again and saw what I thought was an incredibly faint, almost not there, second line.  I immediately called J into the bathroom for a second opinion.  There we were, in our teeny tiny bathroom, both of us squished next to the window trying to get better light to see if there was an actual second line on the test.  The conclusion:  we thought we might be, but that I’d take another test first thing in the morning to see.  The rest of the night was filled with questions that all started with “are we” and “what if.”

I took another test this morning, and sure enough, that line was darker.  It’s still too faint to show up on a camera, but it’s definitely there.  We called my doctor and I have an appointment on Wednesday at 11:30 to confirm.  We already called our parents and siblings to share the news and everyone is thrilled for us.  We’re super excited and incredibly nervous.  I think that J is not going to be able to take a steady breathe until I come back from the doctor and am told that everything looks perfect, I married a bit of a worrier.

We do have some cause for concern.  My cramping has been getting steadily worse and is still focused on one side – my left side.  I’m worried about an ectopic pregnancy, which is common with endometriosis.  I keep trying to tell myself that the cramping is normal and is nothing to be concerned about, but I think that I’m failing in that endeavor.  I’m really hoping that the doctor will be able to tell us that everything looks perfect and for us to relax and enjoy being pregnant.

But despite some scary stuff, I’m thrilled and so excited and really nervous.  I never thought that it would happen this quickly, but I’m so happy that it did!  I keep having to remind myself that I’m actually pregnant and will be expecting a baby at the end of June.

(For those that know me, please keep this information quiet.  We are not yet ready to share this with our friends, coworkers and students quite yet.)


One thought on “….Pregnant….!

  1. Eeeeeek!!!! Darn those tests with the lines though. That was the first kind I took, but it was too confusing so I made hubby go get one of those digital ones!! Here’s an e-hug ((ANC))

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