For the past few days I’ve been cramping.  It hasn’t been agonizing, it’s mostly just been annoying, but every now and then there’s something sharp enough to make me think “ouch!”  It started out just on my left side, a twinge here, a sharp pain there, some dull aching, but as the days went by it’s moved to the whole lower abdomen, my lower back, as well as my left upper leg.  I have no idea why this is happening.  Usually I only start to get these kinds of pains when my period is approaching, but (if it’s coming) it’s not due until the 21st at the earliest.

I’m starting to get uncomfortable, as well as just plain tired.  It seems like I always have some sort of fatigue.  I know that fatigue is a symptom of endo, but this feels extreme to me.  I feel as though I never get enough restful sleep.  I can’t remember anytime in the past where I’ve woken up energized.  There have been times where I wake up and I’m mostly awake, but that awake feeling usually dissipates in about 2 to 3 hours and I’m back to dragging myself along.

I’m wondering if being on BC for so long has kept my endo in check (isn’t that what the hormones were supposed to do?), at least for the most part.  While I was on BC, my periods (which I tried very hard not to have) were very painful, but they were pretty much the only symptom that I had.  Now that I’m no longer on BC I’m finding myself cramping and being in pain when my period is barely on the horizon.

Trying to be proactive (again with the optimism) I’ve toyed around with going on an endo diet.  It entails cutting out a lot of things in my diet to help with limiting swelling, as well as cutting down on my intake of estrogen promoting foods.  I tried it a couple months ago with limited success, but I’m wondering if I should give it a more dedicated go-round.  This is a tough diet to follow, you have to cut out a lot of t hings, and some seem almost impossible to cut out completely unless your cooking every meal you eat, everyday.  And, unless you have no social life that’s pretty much impossible to do.

Things to cut out:

  • Red Meat
  • Wheat (Will probably reduce drastically, but not cut completely cause sandwich’s are my favorite kind of food)
  • Alcohol (I’ve already done this one)
  • Caffeine (This one makes me want to cry)
  • Soy (Will be difficult b/c it’s in everything!)
  • Processed foods
  • Dairy (I can’t give this one up, but I will reduce)
  • Sugar – also includes the fake kind (I basically only put this in my coffee, which I have to cut out anyway)

This is definitely something that I will be thinking about.  I know that it takes a lot of forethought and planning, so I need to try and gear myself up for that.  If I do go for it, I’ll start it next week.  This weekend is going to be crazy and I don’t need to make it more hectic than it’s already going to be.


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