I’m still waiting to ovulate.  I’m on CD 26, and the OPKs are still reading negative.  In my first post I mentioned that my cycles appear to be regular and I’m starting to think that I might need to amend that.  Last month I ovulated on CD 25, and the time before that was CD 22.  It would seem that my cycles are gradually increasing in length.  I don’t know yet whether this is something to be concerned about.  It’s just during the follicular phase that I’m noticing the irregularity, my luteal phases have been consistently 14 days.   Here is the information that I have on my cycles so far:

First Cycle:

  • CD1: June 25th
  • Ovulation Date July 16th
  • Luteal Phase 14 days
  • Total Days: 36

Second Cycle:

  • CD1: July 31st
  • Ovulation Date: August 24th
  • Luteal Phase: 14 days
  • Total Days: 39

Third Cycle:


  • CD1: September 8th
  • Ovulation Date: Uknown
  • Luteal Phase: Uknown
  • Total Days: Uknown

If my cycles keep lengthening and don’t show some kind of regularity in the next few months it looks like I’ll have to go to the doctor to try and figure this out.  This is frustrating.

Each morning I pee in a cup, dunk my OPKs (a digital and regular one, because I don’t trust myself to read the regular one on it’s own), lay them out on the counter and then jump in the shower while I await the results.  And each morning I see an empty circle instead of a smiley face, as well as a line that just never seems as dark as the test line.  My temperature has also stayed consistently low.  It was 97.2 this morning, which is a record low for me.  I guess that the only thing that I can do is to keep waiting.  I’m probably worrying for nothing.  If I ovulate tomorrow, then my cycle will be a total of 41 days, which really isn’t that far from 39.  It’s just the fact that each one has been a different length of time and that I can’t help but think that it’s a forming trend.

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