Prenatal Vitamins

The last time I was at my Gyn they gave me a whole bunch of prenatal vitamin samples to go home with.  My nurse practitioner that I normally see told me that I didn’t need a prescription for prenatal vitamins because I could find what I needed in a drug store or other such place.  The Gyn there told me the exact opposite and wrote me a prescription for them….but I lost it.  I am now out of samples, so obviously I need to purchase some more prenatal vitamins.  Last night, while I was at the grocery store I stood in the vitamin section for a solid 15 minutes reading labels and pondering which one to go with.  I had a sheet of paper on which I had made notes of what to look for in a vitamin:

  • At least 400 mg of Folic Acid / Vitamin B9
  • 1000 mg of Calcium
  • Less than 10,000 IU of Vitamin A
  • 30 -40 mg of Iron
  • zinc / manganese / iodine
  • Vitamin B6
  • USP seal of approval

I couldn’t find a single vitamin at the store that had all of these (let me also note that I live in a very small town in the south that is a bit backwards, some grocery stores in the area still don’t sell alcohol or oddly enough makeup).  So, in a fit of frustration and irritation I grabbed a One A Day Prenatal.  Today at work (that’s right, I waste time while at work) I was reading reviews of this brand of vitamin and have found that it’s a pretty bad one.  It has red dye 40, which has been associated with ADHD, and the DHA that goes with the vitamin only has one kind of fatty acid, instead of 3 that are needed.  It’s also low on vitamin B6 and in about 50% of recorded cases causes nausea.

Needless to say that now I’m looking for another vitamin, and of course I couldn’t have googled this before I dropped $20 on the sucky ones.  Now I’m trying to find out if I should go the prescription route, or if I should use an organic whole food vitamin like New Chapter.  I’m leaning toward the organic one – it has great absorption levels because it’s not synthetic, no dyes or anything like that to worry about, and seems to be tummy friendly.  It also has the right numbers of vitamins and minerals needed.  Even though I’m leaning towards the organic one, there’s a part me that keep thinking that the prescription is a prescription for a reason, otherwise it would be OTC.  I’m kinda stumped at what to do, and need to make a decision quickly so I can stop taking the sucky vitamins.

*After careful consideration I’ve decided upon the organic vitamins.  As well as DHA/EPA from “Pure Encapsulations.”  According to my sister this brand is one of a few that is 100% mercury free, which is important.


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