Weight Loss

I need to lose weight.  Over the past 12 years I’ve had a steady increase in weight, it’s really kinda depressing to think about.  In High School I was +- 115, by my senior year I was around 120.  By the end of college I was 140, and after that I packed on an extra 20 lbs.  For my wedding I was able to shave off those last 20 to be back at 140.  However, since my wedding I’ve gone back and forth between 140 to 160.  I’m currently around 150 (I’ve been too afraid to step back on the scale to see where I’m actually at), and would like to lose 25 – 30 lbs.

The reason I want to lose weight is completely vain.  I want to look better and feel sexy.  I would also like to be one of those really cute pregnant women; the ones you look at and know with a certainty that they’re pregnant, instead of the ones where you’re not sure if they’re pregnant.  I know this is incredibly vain and possibly mean, but it’s what I want.  It also has the added benefit of being healthy, hence the new weight loss plan.

I’ve done WW and Spark People in the past, but this go round I’ve decided to use Spark People.  I know that I’m one of those people that need to track.  I need the accountability that these programs give me.  So, why Spark People?  The short reason is that I like it better.  It allows me to see where my food intake is going so I can hit my goals of 60% carbs, 15% fats and 25% protein.  It also says that I should aim between 1200 and 1550 calories a day, and I’m in agreement.  I tried WW in the past, and it worked for me until they changed their points system.  Once that I happened I maintained my weight for 4 months despite by best efforts to keep losing.  And I really did try.  My husband did WW with me, and he was able to get to lose 45 lbs and get to his goal weight, while I only lost 10 and then maintained.  I know that men lose more quickly than women, but still, over 4 months of trying I should have seen something.

To go along with my meal plan I’ve also started walking everyday for at least 30 minutes.  I walk with my dog and every now and then I bump it up to a run, but with the amount of hills in my neighborhood, running is incredibly hard, so I’m starting small and working up to it.  Walking is really the only thing that I like exercise wise.  I’ve tried workout videos, pilates and yoga, but walking suits me best.  After I’m comfortable with walking every day I’ll add some weight lifting in as well.

I’m really hoping that this works out for me.  I’ve had trouble with my weight for quite a while now and it would be nice to get that part of my life under control, or as close to under control as I can.  So, occasionally I’ll post about my weight loss efforts as well as the baby making efforts.


One thought on “Weight Loss

  1. The same thing happened to me… freshman year of college destroyed me. I lost 20lbs in the summer before sophomore year and then maintained until senior year… then grad school happened and 20lbs later.. ew. I lost the 30lbs leading up to my wedding mostly because I felt extremely unhealthy and partly because I didn’t want back rolls happening in my expensive white dress… I could have written the same exact thing related to pregnancy… Marriage has kind of ruined me 🙂 We enjoy going out or cooking new recipes and it’s completely destroying the waistline I worked so hard for! I want to be one of those women who look the same but appear to be carrying a watermelon under their shirt but I fear that I’m going to be one of those women whose entire body gets pregnant and that sort of scares me… I worry if I don’t lose weight before getting pregnant that the weight I gain is going to hang around for a very long time after. The number on the scale doesn’t really bother me, it’s how I feel in comfortable I feel in my skin… and right now, not so comfortable.

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